Viraj Greens

About Us

Viraj Greens is one of the fastest growing, top-rated suppliers for eco-friendly plates situated in the heart of India i.e. Madhya Pradesh. The aim is to help people open up their brains to sustainability and go green by ensuring a clean environment and providing hygienic products at affordable prices. Viraj Greens ensures the use of the best quality Mahul/Palash leaves in its aim to produce 100 percent eco-friendly products.

Apart from this Viraj greens is on a mission to empower the economically weaker sections of society by providing them training on how to prepare the Donna and Pattal by using locally available leaves with the help of upgraded machines.

These Donnas / Pattals are available in various shapes and sizes.


  • To reduce the impact on our environment by creating and promoting eco- friendly products which are being produced with 100% natural and bio- degradable raw products
  • To establish an organized system of leaf-plate production that ensures maximum benefits for the poor / rural communities.
  • To promote 100 percent replacement of non-biodegradable products with biodegradables.
  • To generate rural employment and make them self-dependent.

Our Mission

To serve people go green by ensuring clean environment and providing hygienic products at an affordable price. Eco Friendly Bio Products are 100% natural and it’s made from Mahul/Palash leaf. We have a basic motive of promoting the Eco- friendly environment.

In the way of implementing that we are involved in the manufacturing of Mahul/Palash Leaf products by the way of promoting bio friendly product usage.